Friday, June 18, 2004

slacking off

It's been 11 days since my last post. That's OK, athough, since I haven't run in that long.

It's confirmed; I'm moving to NYC. I've got a comfortable little studio on Staten Island and I'm moving up there this weekend. I start the new job on the 21st, so I have to be in on Sunday.

The thing that's kept me from running has been travel and job/apartment hunting. Once I move (my stuff is all packed right now), I'll be able to start running again.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Late Posting

I don't seem to be able to post after my runs anymore. I know why that is, though. Since I'm only running at home, I have to wait until my wife is not working before I can post. Since she is with the kids most of the day, the time she's working is pretty much whenever I can be home. There are some exceptions to that, of course, but it's pretty much the way it is. Now, with my move to NYC and her and the kids' move to upstate, it will be even less frequent that I get to see her for a while. The separation will be very painful, since we haven't been apart very much in the last 20 years. I also will not see much of Oedipus and Electra during that time, and I will miss them terribly. I have to sit down with Oed and explain--since he's only 6 he really doesn't realize what's going on.

On Saturday, I got out for a 4 mile run. It was my usual, down a steep hill in the first portion, then flat, then back up to the top. It felt pretty good, smooth and relaxed. I took Sunday off, but I'm going to try to get out tonight. Maybe I'll update first thing in the morning. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow morning to run. We'll see.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Day Late

Yesterday, I got out and ran about 3 miles. Once again (because it's really the safest area for me to run) I had the long, steep uphill at the end of the run.

I'm going back to New York around the third week in June. Then, I'll have to scout out some new routes, and maybe I'll have a flat place to run.