Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dead man running. Almost. that picture was taken about 8 minutes before I went into cardiac arrest. It was almost the last picture of me ever. Thanks to the efforts of my fellow athletes and the Sheriff's Deputy, and the EMT in the ambulance, I'm still here.

That guy doesn't really exist. I don't remember running in that race. I don't even remember the day.

I'm back up to about 3 miles at a time again, every other day. Before too long, I'll be adding a day or two to the cycle. Then I up the mileage.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Posterior Tibial Tendonopathy

That was the diagnosis. At least I get to have a normal injury again. I've been out since September 19th. I imagine my bp was getting higher, and I know that my pulse was higher than it had been. Of course, higher than before means that I now have a low-normal pulse, somewhere in the low 60s. I'm looking to get it down into the low 50s soon. Last night, my pulse stayed mostly in the 130s while I was running. Right after I started running again after my injury (about two weeks ago), I went up into the 150s several times over the course of a three-miler.

My cardiologist has instructed me to keep my heart rate below 150, so when my heart rate gets up that high, the first thing I do is slow down. If that doesn't get my pulse down, I slow down some more. If that doesn't work, I walk. That always works.

I ran in a race in August, just before I hurt my ankle. I did very well -- it was a 5K, and my finishing time was 20:27. I was first in the 50-55 age group, and also the first person over 40 to finish. My cardiologist had told me "It's OK to race, but don't try to win." I was wearing a heart monitor, and I never heard the signal that told me that my heart rate was over 150. At about 2 1/2 miles, I looked at my watch, and my heart rate showed as 102. the battery was low and the monitor was reading incorrectly. I have no idea what my heart rate actually was.

Now I'm back running a few times a week. I'm taking it a little easy so that my tendon has a chance to heal. This summer, I hope to be in racing form. One of my college teammates is trying to organize an "Alumni Mile" and I think I can do pretty well against all the other old men, and if it's age-graded, I think I can show those youngsters something, too.