Saturday, January 31, 2004

Rest day

Today, I'm going to take the day off. I'll walk the dog and maybe get on the stationary bike, but no running.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Go, Eddy!

Interview with Eddy Hellebuyck, old man of the Olympic Marathon Trials.

Runners: Stay away from Palmyra, NY

The Salt Lake Tribune picked up the story from the New York Times last July. There may be a $250.00 find for spitting in the street.


This morning I got in about 2.5 in 17:23. the weather was cool, but not cold--low 40s--and not windy at all. I felt pretty good for a portion of my run. I got caught at the other long traffic light on West Peachtree--10th Street. This one is in the middle of a long downhill, so it wasn't as tough to get started after the light as the one at 14th. It's very long, though. I jogged back up the hill at a slower-than-walking pace twice and was on my back down at that same pace for the second time (third if you count my initial approach) when the light changed. I'd guess that stopping for that light added a good 30-40 seconds to my time. Not significant, but if I get caught at the same street on Peachtree, and get caught at the 14th Street lights both times, the delays can add up.

On top of that, just before the mile point, I passed a person (walking in the opposite direction) who was walking a dog. People with dogs should reel in the leash when they pass other people. I swung wide to go into the street, since otherwise I would have passed between the dog and the walker, and as I was moving out toward the street, I stepped on some uneven pavement near a tree. I twisted my ankle, and took it very easy for the next half mile or so, to let it recover.

If the owner of the dog had just pulled the dog back a little bit, I wouldn't have had to go into the street, and could have avoided a potential injury. My dog, who is now very old and isn't able to run more than about a half mile at at time (still not bad for a ~15 year old dog), used to like to run with me. I always reeled her in when we passed other pedestrians, so they wouldn't have to avoid her.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Rest Day

Today is another rest day for me. I need to let my legs recover from the work they do on the workout days. I may start weight training before too long.

I'm going to try to get my 12-year-old daughter into running--she's certainly built like a runner; she's about 11 feet tall and weighs something like 17 pounds. She's all arms and legs, and I know that she can move quickly when she wants to. I may be able to talk her into going to the race in Athens on the 15th.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

By the way,

I hope I speak for 40+ year old men everywhere when I say:

Go, Eddy!

West Peachtree

Looking over my notes, I discovered that the course I ran today is 3.5 miles. Using Running Times' race time equivalent calculator, that works out to a 20:31 5k. Not bad, for a fat old man. the 2.5 mile equivalent is 16:18, which makes it faster than my last 2.5 mile runs. Getting there, slowly but surely.


The weather was cold this morning. Temp was in the 20's, with a strong wind from a northerly direction. Stupid me, I forgot to bring my sweatpants today. I ran outside in this weather with shorts on. Once my legs warmed up, it really wasn't too bad, but just to get moving was tough.

There's a hill on West Peachtree, and the way I run it, it's uphill from 14th Street to about 11th Street. I head south on West Peachtree, so I hit the hill on the south side of 14th. I usually hit the 14th street light red, which means I've got to essentially stop, and try to get restarted while climbing this hill. Today, I was a hundred or so yards from the intersection, and saw that the light was green, with the walk light on, so I dashed the rest of the way to the intersection, which succeeded in getting me across without having to wait for the light, but also made me completely wiped out by the time I started climbing the hill. I think that uphill was the slowest I have run an uphill.

3 miles, 23:21. Obviously slow. Or maybe I've underestimated or mismeasured the distance I ran today. I should check again.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Concrete is hard on the Knees

One thing I miss here in the south is the Erie Canal. The Erie Canal runs right through upstate New York, and the towpath is still intact for some of its length. The towpath is gravel for a good part of its length, and asphalt paved for much of the rest. I used to enjoy running on the graveled sections of the towpath when I was younger. There was even a 5 mile race which finished along a stretch of the towpath which was graveled. I haven't found anything similar to the towpath, at least not as easliy reached as the towpath was. I could get to the towpath on my warmup jog, and do my workout on the towpath, then cool down on the jog home.

Resting today

Today is a rest day. I'm taking today off to rest my poor bones, because I'm an old guy, and out of shape. I have also been having trouble with my psoas muscle, or possibly my iliopsoas tendon.

I had thought about getting on the stationary bike and riding for a while, but at 5 am, it's a workout just getting out of bed. At least on the days when I run, I've got until almost 7 before I actually start working out.

Last night i entered a race. The race will be held on the 15th of February, in Athens. I'm hoping that it's as small a race as it seems to be from prior years' results. 168 finishers is about right for a return to racing for a fat, old man.

Monday, January 26, 2004


I have added an email address to the sidebar, just in case anybody ever reads this, and gives enough of a shit to contact me about it.

Late and frustrated

Today I sat in the train in the station for about 30 minutes before moving. I had thought that since today was about 30 degrees and rainy, with an ice storm warning in effect, it might be a good day to try out the treadmills at the gym. By the time I got to the building, all of the treadmills were in use, so I just went outside to run. When I finished, all of the showers at the gym were in use, and two other guys were waiting to take showers. Personally, when there is a line of people waiting to take showeres, I try to make mine as quick as possible. You know, treat others as you want to be treated....That doesn't seem to be the prevalent philosophy among the people who are members of the gym, though.

The temp was about 30 degrees, it was a little bit rainy, really more misty. Still managed to get 2.5 miles in about 16:34. Felt pretty good while I was doing it. My weight is down to 150.

On Wednesday or Friday, I think I'll up the distance to 3 miles and see how it feels.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Starting Over

Well, I've decided to start an online training log. For a variety of personal and medical reasons, I haven't done any running in about 6 years, so I'm starting almost from scratch.

Today, I ran at 7am in midtown Atlanta. After warming up, I covered about 2 and a half miles, in 16:39. The streets were dark, the temperature felt like about 30 degrees, and the wind got fierce. I felt pretty good, though, especially the last mile. I'm not sure, but I think I ran negative splits on this run.

I'm going to look around at some more courses in the midtown/downtown area this weekend.

About me: I'm 43 years old (born in 1960) and for the last 6 years, I haven't really done any running or racing. I started running when I was 12 years old, and racing the year after. I ran on my high school and college cross-country and track teams, but I always liked cross-country better. On the roads or in XC, I could stay interested in the running; while I was on the track I would get bored easily. anything more than a mile on the track and I would lose my concentration. My best 10k was a 34:21, on the roads. My best 5k was a 16:10, also on roads. On the track, my event was the 800m. In 1982, I ran a 1:58.5 800. Not the fastest man on the track, but not too bad. I think if I could have concentrated on the longer races, I could have run a much better 5k or 10k than I did. My problem with the track is mental.

About four years ago, I relocated to Atlanta. I now live in the suburbs to the north of the city. I've joined a gym in the Midtown Atlanta, and plan to work out at least three times a week, and maybe get back into racing.

Personal Bests:

800m 1:58.5
1500m 4:04.7
5K (Road) 16:10
10k (Road 34:21
Marathon 3:32:30