Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blog Post or Advertisement?

So, I happened across this blog post the other day.  Essentially, it gives several "scientific" explanations for why "running makes you fat".  Of course, I'm obese myself (I have ballooned up to 155 pounds since my injury last year).  I never really realized before -- all that running is why these guys are so fat:

And why these two look so fat:

And, of course, why he is just so roly-poly:

Of course, no matter how many counter examples you provide, the author of the blog post will probably continue to push the idea that running, or aerobic exercise in general, makes you fat.  Why would she do that?  because she's invested in a high-intensity, low volume exercise program.  As is made clear in James Heathers blog, the Denver Post blog post is almost word-for-word the same as the advertisement for turbulencetraining dot com .  It makes you wonder if the Denver Post was paid for that little bit of advertising masquerading as health advice.

Don't trust "health and fitness bloggers".  Especially if they have their own personal training business.  They will be using their blog as advertising for their own business, and not giving you advice on your own fitness.