Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Quick little run of under three miles.  Within the first half mile, two cars running a red light.  Not in different directions, not even in different lanes.  One behind the other.  The first one wasn't even close, so you can imagine how bad the second one was.

Later on, crossing the same street about half a mile away (about a mile farther on in the run), two more cars running a different red light.  Same thing, one behind the other, first one wasn't even close.  And neither traffic light has a short yellow.

This is all in an inner-ring suburb of a small city.  About a quarter-mile outside the city limits.  I wonder why our fair city didn't make the list of Walk-Friendly cities?  Not even an honorable mention.  I read a lot of things online about cyclists running red lights.  But, you know, a 200-pound cyclist, on a 45-pound bike, traveling at 30 miles an hour (a worst-case scenario as far as getting hit by a cyclist) won't do anything near the damage that a small car -- even a Smart Car -- traveling at 20 miles an hour.  If you get hit by an average cyclist, you might get a few scrapes and bruises, a few cuts, maybe a broken bone.  You get hit by a driver going through a red light -- he will probably be exceeding the speed limit, so let's say he's going 40 miles an hour -- and there's a good chance you will die.

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