Sunday, January 18, 2015


OK, so it's been a long time since I posted anything here, but I'm going to start again.  See what happens.

I started running in Yaktrax this winter.  I'd never used them before, and now I've run in them twice.  Here are my impressions:

  • Heavy.  I don't know what I expected, but they felt like they weighed a ton when I got out the door.  As I got going, they didn't feel like they were getting heavier, though.  A lot of the time, extra weight can feel like it's getting heavier as you go along, making you go slower and slower.
  • Traction.  Not as much as bare shoes on dry pavement, but a lot better than bare shoes on packed snow.  That's what I've been running on, packed snow.  There was very little ice out there, so I can't say if they're any good on ice.  
  • Deep Snow.  I don't know how they'll do in deeper snow yet.  We only have a couple of inches of snow.  There is a space between the side of my shoes and the straps that run up the sides.  Deep, wet snow might get packed in there, and that would feel like it was getting heavier.  

As long as I'm running on plowed/shoveled roads and sidewalks, they will, overall, be a positive for running.  Very little slipping and no sliding at all.  Much better than using the old 1/16"slotted hex-head screws driven into the sole of the shoe.

 I have run into one problem with the yaktrax:  breakage.  Several of the spikes in the toe have been bent over, pushed in, or broken off.  In addition, one of the straps has broken.

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