Tuesday, January 27, 2015


If I could change one thing about the winter, it wouldn't be the cold.  I don't mind the cold all that much, particularly when I'm exercising. I throw off a lot of body heat and I don't need to bundle up too much to stay warm when the temperature is low. I will wear shorts down to about 28ºF.  I don't mind the snow, either. It slows me down, but then it slows everyone else down, too.  What I mind is the dark.  When I get home from work and it's already dark, it's hard to just get out the door.  Once I do, it gets easier, as I said, I don't mind cold or snow. It's just the motivation to get moving on the dark evenings.

As I implied above, I ran slowly tonight.  The yaktrax are heavy (or seem that way by comparison) and make it harder to lift my feet up.  I'm thinking that when the roads and sidewalks are cleaner, and I can run in plain running shoes instead of running shoes with straps and spikes all over them, I'll move a bit faster.  Maybe the running in the snow with the yaktrax will help me.  Assuming that I an get in some days where I can turn my legs over fast and not just the plodding through treacherous footing in spiky shoes.

Tonight, I only saw two cars run red lights, but then I ran less than three miles, and only a little over a mile of that was on main roads with traffic lights.

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