Friday, August 25, 2006

Cross-Country Race

The last cross-country race of the season was last night. I declined to run in the Tour de Pain, because I just wasn't ready for it. I do plan on running next year, though.

Oed ran in the kids' race with me this time. He almost backed out at the last minute, but between his mom and me, we managed to talk him into coming.

We warmed up together before the race.

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Here's a picture of him with about 200 meters to go in the kids' race:

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He was very happy to have run in the race, and his ribbon is going into the box with my race ribbons. I still have the first ribbon I ever got in a race--it's just a finisher's ribbon, from a high school invitational meet in central New York, and it says "Proven Harrier" on it. Nothing about my place or time. The ribbons and medals for the faster runners were of a higher quality, and gave the finish place on the front. I've has that ribbon for 32 years. I won a lot of ribbons over the years, and a few medals and trophies as well, but I think that one is the most important. It gave me the taste for racing.

My race didn't go as well as I would have liked. My time was a bit slower than all three previous outings in the series. I think that was because I did not get a chance to have anything to eat after lunch yesterday, so I was running the race on a mostly empty stomach. For the previous races, I got a chance to have an afternoon snack.

The hill really took it out of me.

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The mile point is just a few yards from the bottom of the hill, and the race goes all the way to the top, so after a nice, fairly flat, fast course of about nine tenths of a mile, you start up this hill. But hey, at least nobody moved the course markers this time!

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